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[The audio diary whirs to life. The sound of sultry music is heard in the background as a woman laughs softly.]

Woman: "So tense, Stephen. You need to relax."

Kyburz [groggily, his speech slurring]: "'S hard to relax whil' yer on my lap, Miss Jolene..."

[The sound of a bottle being picked up is heard, and then the sound of gulps as its contents are guzzled down. There's a hiccup as the glass clinks back down. A startled sound is heard, followed by that of little frantic moans and kisses.]

Kyburz [grunts, his tone accusing]: "Somethin's in my drink...this isn't just pop."

Jolene [playfully]: "Well, there may be something a little...extra. Just lean back and close your eyes, Mister Kyburz; let Jasmine do what she does best..."

[Audio Diary end.]

AD Entry
[*laughter that has faded into chuckles can be heard, slightly echoing*

O-oh, dear god... I must be workin' to hard, or something.

I had just sat down in ma chair, lookin' to relax for a little while, maybe eat something... So I grab that potted meat they've been giving us (not bad considering what we /could/ be getting now)... and I swear to Christ I ate it all.

Well, or so I thought. *snicker*

Turns out I had dreamt the whole eatin' experience... I felt full and everything! Well, one of the welders down here, Jacob Norris, good man, had sent himself over to inform me of some business, and woke me. Left not that long ago, in fact! Bloke seemed right happy about something...

Ah well, time to get eating for real! A- ...hey... I don't remember this can being opened...]

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Writer's Block: More than words
Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

(... There have been quite a few of them, actually. ._. ;;;

I can't really say one specifically at the moment, but when I get a good one, I'll post it here.)

(Unrelated-to-Kyburz) Fic~
(Sappy thing I wrote yesterday... this idea had been festering in my head since I'd listened to Beyond the Sea a million times...

Well, try to enjoy, yes? )


It was one of those moments.

As he made his way through the blood-splattered, dank halls of the once glorious Rapture, Delta was always on the alert for anything on the move, all having the possibility of wanting to add his body to the growing amount of corpses laying everywhere. There no one on the shortwave - talking at him, nor throwing hissing threats that echoed in his helmet. There were no more little sisters in this area of Rapture – he had taken the liberty to save each one, killing their Daddies in the process; it was a remorse he had to shake for now, and it was a blessing to hear Eleanor’s voice. Though with her every contact through their bond, he felt the desperation inside him grow ever fiercer, quickening his stride and making his battles with the fearsome Big Sisters swifter, yet more physically painful and taxing.

The faint beat of music was in the background, the mad calls of splicers far off and in between. The only noise that was loud was the sound of his own movements, thanks to his suit made of metal.

It was far from a ‘comfortable, blissful’ silence.

That’s why when he heard static he tensed, anticipating some harsh words he was sure that would come. Instead…

“Somewhere, beyond the sea… somewhere, waitin’ for me…”

The sound of loud whistling accompanied the tune. After the first verse finished, he heard the familiar chuckle of his ‘partner’, still back on the tram.

“Ah, sorry there, sport. I just thought this may cheer you up a bit, what with all that hell you’re havin’ to go through right now,” Delta relaxed, but made a sound that was like an irritated rumble, causing Augustus Sinclair to laugh this time.

“…after all, it IS a song intended to stir hope in the hearts of men who feel hopeless.”

For a few moments the uppity tune played, breaking the silence. Then the man let out an exhale; Delta simply waited for the man to talk, hacking a nearby vending machine to gather up some much needed supplies in the process.

“Well, kid, how about a proposition for you? Once we – you, Eleanor, and myself, of course, get out of this rusting aquarium, we head on over to a place with no ocean. No waves crashin’ on the shore, no glitterin’ sunsets reflected off the sea? Maybe find a nice little place in the country, where we wouldn’t be bothered,” he prompted, with a cheerful pitch in his voice. Delta noted that Sinclair said nothing about the other assets to be gained from their escape, but it didn’t need to be spoken. He remembered well, and the Southerner knew as much. Business. Yet…

“Hell, maybe we’ll even find someone waitin’ for us beyond the shore...” No, it was artificial cheerfulness. Bittersweet, that’s what he heard; it was as if he had played the song for both of them, now that the Big Daddy thought about it. Why else would he play it over the receiver, instead of privately? He supposed they both needed all the hope they could get in this submerged prison. Eleanor’s voice crossed his mind again. She believed in him, her trust and hope in his progress was strong even though she was being held captive somewhere…

With every foe defeated, with every person he saved, he was steps closer to finding his dearest daughter. And with his ally behind him, guiding him, he was getting there a little bit faster. The thoughts brought a surge of warmth to his chest.

The metal man gave what sounded like a noise of affirmation, or indifference. As it echoed through the compartment he was in, the businessman gave another short laugh in reply, fondly grinning at the sound. Business it may have started as, but this kid was seriously starting to grow on him. Not that he minded all that much.

The shortwave once again was placed next to the little portable radio Sinclair had found as he watched through the vision of Delta on-screen.

“Then it’s a deal.” He murmured, somewhat to himself.

“No more sailin’. So long, sailin’. Bye bye, sailin’… move on out captain.”

Those last notes hung in the air as the transmission clicked off.


[ Well, here I am, in my nice new office... just got shipped down to Hephaestus not that long ago now... 'M still dazed from the trip...

But I can't believe I'm actually here - Rapture!

...Sure, it still in the process of being built, but I've got a good feelin' about it!
'Mean, who wouldn't, wot with the best electrical engineer of our generation guidin' us to raise her up?

... Guess I better get to makin' myself at home... ]

(First post, yay! 83 )


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